Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My younger sister, Cindy, (in the uniform) sent me some wonderful pictures of my nephews. I just wish I knew them both better. It seems that the older I get the more family oriented I am. Christopher is the real photographer. He has such a good eye. I hope that I get to see them on Thanksgiving, along with Cindy's daughter, Heather with her family. She has such beautiful babies. I haven't seen her daughter at all, but little Karch is a handful. 
           There is a picture of Cindy with her new grandaughter, Tabitha below.

Cindy and Tabitha
I fell Sunday afternoon in the back yard. I hurt both knees and shins, big bruise on my upper thigh, and hurt both hands trying to catch myself. Ray was in the house and couldn't hear me. Neighbors came and got him. They wanted to call 911, but when I discovered that I could actually stand, I said no. I did call and leave a message for my rheumatologist to let him know. I am supposed to let him know when I fall. I fell into the bushes last week when I was trying to get in the car and the neighbor across the street helped me up. I am thinking I need one of those buttons on a necklace. "Help, I have fallen and I can't get up."  LOL.

This disease is really making me feel old. Dr Cole says that I definitely have PTSD, too. My housekeeping lady has been taking care of her ex-husband who has Alzheimers and hasn't been here in months. I am beginning to feel like a hoarder. You might see me on Reality TV soon. I seem to save everything, thinking I may use it later. I used to move every couple of years but I have been in this house for 18 years and it has filled up gradually. There is room to walk around, but if this goes on much longer, we may have to close off a couple of rooms. I need some help, but I just don't know who to ask. I think I need to find a family to donate to. Maybe some who have lost their home in a fire or something. 

So, here I am this morning. Yesterday was kind of hazy. I had so much pain that I was on Vicadin most of the day and even took a nap, which is unusual for me. Feel somewhat better today. I have a Circle Meeting today. No, it is not about Google, it is a church meeting. They have been called Circle Meetings long before Google was thought of. We meet and support missions with gifts and prayer. We donate school supplies, donate to our benevelent fund, send letters to military, donate to the foodbank, etc. It is a lovely group of women who care about our community and the people in it. We pray for the un-churched that they may come to know Christ and join us in our efforts. 

By the way, I am making dishcloths and selling them for $4 each, plus shipping. I will be setting up a PayPal site later today. I donated 80 of these to our children's ministry to sell and use the money toward a new playground for the children. They are just the right size to use in the kitchen. Made from 100% cotton thread. They are also good for using as washcloths. Great exfoliators!

I am going to stop now, I have to go get dressed to go get my blood checked.
Lots of Love - 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend PINK

I have been having a few bad days since I am still trying to cut down on the prednisone. I get so tired all the time. We had quilting today and I didn't get much done. I think I broke my sewing machine and now I have to take it to the shop. I want a new one. Anyway, most of what I did was cut squares. I am looking for a specific quilt pattern that I don't even know the name of. It is similar to the Cathedral Window Quilt, but more like a frame. I may see if I can find it online later. We have about 25 quilts almost ready to go. I brought 2 home with me to work on. I cannot decide whether to quilt them or tie them. I need to get one of my other sewing machines out and see if I can work on them.
Saturday, we will be in front of Harris-Teeter Grocery Store on Warwick Boulevard for Lions White Cane and Broom Sale. Ray and I are scheduled to work from 1-3 p.m. I sure hope I feel better than I do right now. Rheumatoid Arthritis bad enough, now I am swelling and my back aches. Rheumatologists don't do Osteoarthritis. Now I have to find another doctor to take care of that. Doing well, lost 23 lbs and 4 inches off my height. Guess I will end up being a little old lady after all.

We have been trying to do some yard work. I cannot do much. but I can cut branches off bushes. Ray does the heavy-lifting. Our neighbor put up a 6 ft. vinyl fence. A handyman was supposed to come last Saturday and take down our chain-link fence. He didn't show up, so I just cut branches myself. We had a nice day outside after we got back from VA beach. We went of the Lions District 24-D Fall Conference. It was good but we did not stay at the Cavalier Hotel. We just came home this year. We usually stay the weekend but there was no need because for the first time in 17 years, we were not on the Cabinet. It was nice to be able to leave and come home.

Sunday I drove back to Va Beach for training as a mentor for membership. It was really nice and I learned a lot about mentoring and membership. I can't wait to get started. There was a Lions International Vice President that held the training. He was originally from Germany, but is from Birmingham Al now. That was where I was born so we had something to talk about. He really didn't get to finish the training. They didn't allot him enough time. We have lots of books to read and then we are getting together to brainstorm. 
When I got home, Ray had brought a roasted chicken dinner for us both from church and I didn't have to cook. We could even eat the chicken and the green beans, just had to get rid of the rice. It was great. I took a nap and rested the most of the day. It sure was nice. 
I heard something about depression that stuck for some reason. Of course, it could be that I felt that maybe it could be about me. It was talking about when people become depressed, they don't feel like doing anything and sometimes feel immobile. Then their homes become a mess which makes the depression worse. I do know that I have got to find Catherine. I need someone who can clean my house. I do feel like everything is piling up. I used to clean all the time and loved to do it, but now, I just don't. I am seeing a therapist and he says that I just need to start small and get rid of stuff. My house is starting to look like one of those houses on the Hoarders. LOL. Well, maybe not that bad, but if I don't do something soon you might see me on one of those reality shows. LOL.