Friday, March 26, 2010


I FEEL SO FAT!  I don't understand, for years I have seen people who have had cancer and they are very thin and emaciated. Only I could get cancer and gain weight. I have gained about 30 lbs since I found the lump.

The doctors have been giving me prednisone for pain and swelling and now I am fat again. I am hungry all the time. I will eat anything. Of course, it might help if I would exercise through the pain. Every time I try to do something extra, I end up in pain. The doc is trying to get me off of the prednisone, so maybe by the summer I can be out of this well.

I wanted to go to NC to see family, but Ray has an appointment with the VSAP in Richmond to work on arrangements for their annual meeting. So, we will be going down for Easter. All my Easter candy is down there in the fridge.  I could fix the baskets before I go.

I was going to try to clean the carpet in the van, but it has turned cold again. If exercise hurts, cold hurts more. Maybe I will get out my art supplies and paint since Ray will be gone most of the day.

I have been on Twitter most of the day. So much going on. I have over 19,450 people now. I want to connect with all of them. I have been using to add them, but I have tried to be selective as to who I add. The have to have clothes on and no nasty talk going on. If they have sex stuff, I just block them. I cannot imagine why any one would be so idiotic as to put that kind of thing on the Internet. Don't they know that once you put it out there on the Web, It will be there a long time. What will those young girls tell their children, or will they even care.

I did go to the store and bought some lettuce, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, tangerines, etc. Cindy brought some strawberries and home-made egg rolls. She is a wonderful cook. We had them with pork fried rice last night and Ray had it for dinner tonight. I just had some chicken vegetable soup that I made. We had strawberries with fat-free chocolate sauce and low-fat whipped cream.

I have been avoiding snacks altogether and trying to move more. I took Mr. Williams, new resident at the Chesapeake, to the VA Hospital yesterday to get his blood work done. We straightened out his prescriptions at the pharmacy and I am going to help him get online so that I can order his drugs from home instead of him having to make a trip all the way down there. I straightened up his apartment for him. I am going over and see if I can get it really straightened up. He needs someone to help him, but he is evidently not on good graces with his daughter and her family. I will keep an eye on him and make sure that he is okay.

We went to NC last month and celebrated Rhonda and Jeff's birthdays. Here is Jeff with his 37th Birthday card. He called me the next week and told me he is engaged to Sharon.  I am so happy for them. They originally chose March 27 as the date but after a week of trying to get a small wedding together, they decided that they needed to have a bigger wedding. It seems that everyone wants to come. LOL! That is how it happens. If you want a small wedding, you might as well fly to Vegas. Actually, that is what he did the first time.

Rhonda has been going through a lot. Jesse went back to work at Bosch and kept his job at Lowe's too. They just had a few days that were pretty critical, but they have made it through the rough patch. I really would like to find a job that I can do at home. If I was stronger, I would start sewing again. I have made it through some rough patches in my life sewing. It is always a good thing to have a back-up plan when you need it. I think I am going to make bears and rabbits again. They are Designing Bears for the woman who has everything. I think I will dig out my pattern. It is a patented original design. They are so pretty. I have one that is over 20 years old and still looks good.

I guess I better get myself together and plan my meals for tomorrow so I don't go off this eating plan. I did purchase a "Dancing with the Stars" workout dance DVD. Maybe I will check that out while Ray is gone. 

Ray and I are serving as Deacons on Sunday. God is good, all the time!

Friday, March 5, 2010


In my last post, you saw a picture of Debbie Parrish and her family. In January, Debbie lost her battle with cancer. She had her family around her right up to the time she went to be with the Lord. My daughter, Rhonda, took Garrett and Taylor to tell her good-bye. They are handling it very well because Rhonda has taken them to Sunday School all their lives and they know that their Grandma Debbie has gone to be with the Lord where she will no longer be in pain. They miss her, but I told them that she is alive as long as they keep her in their memories. The family seems to be taking it very well. It is always easier when you know that the person had put their life in the hands of Christ.