Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baseball PINK!

I was planning on writing about etiquette tonight but something has come up that I would like to share with you:

My daughter, Rhonda, is a 1st grade teaching assistant in a small elementary school near Cove City, North Carolina. Maybe a little background will help to explain. When Rhonda was growing up, her father was in the Air Force so she grew up in an ethnically diverse atmosphere. Rhonda has color blindness and she learned this from her mother. All men are created equal.

Rhonda and her husband have the twins, Garrett and Taylor. Both of which are very ethnically diverse in their thinking because that is the way their mother has taught them. A few years ago Rhonda and then Jesse coached the baseball team in Cove City. They didn't distinguish between the Black, Hispanic, Asian, or White children. All were selected for their team and it has remained that way since. There is not another team in the league that has as much diversity. Unfortunately, neither Rhonda or Jesse can coach this year.

Some of the churches in the area have always supported this league, since it is a church league. This year, due to economic hard times most have decided not to support the team. They need $2600 to get their team on the roster for the league this year. Most of the children come from financially destitute backgrounds. The teachers bring in bags of food for the children to have food on the weekends, it is that bad. In the summer, they get painfully thin. Rhonda and some of her friends have tried to help in so many ways. They have yard sales, bake sales, etc. They have asked for donations so these children can have the joy of playing on a baseball team.

If you can find it in your heart to donate, this is who you can send a donation to:
Make check payable to:

Cove City Baseball

The team has 501C3 Non-Profit status, and contributions are tax deductible. It doesn't make any difference if it is 1, 5, 10, or 20 dollars. If they get enough to join the league by 2600 people donating a dollar, that is no different than 26 people donating $100.

Any contribution is appreciated. If they get more than is needed, the poorer children will get new uniforms and equipment will be replaced, since they are playing with very old equipment.

Now here is something I thought about, most older people are still skeptical about social media and look at me funny when I tell them I have over 63K people following me on Twitter and almost a thousand on Facebook. They think there is no power in social media, but I think there is enormous power in social media.

This is your chance to make a difference to a group of deserving children who live in a rural part of North Carolina. This is your opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ, or whoever you believe in. This could make a difference in the life of a few children. It would show them the goodness of others and perhaps help them to make changes in their lives as they grow up.

Who am I to ask? A grandmother who loves her grandson's little friends who want to play baseball. If I have ever helped you in any way, brightened your day, prayed for you during difficult times, I would hope you would contribute. Let them know that you heard about it from me, so I can get the list of contributors and publish it here on my blog. If you cannot contribute, please ask God to bless them with the finances they need so that the children can play ball this coming summer.

All money must be turned in by the end of March, so there is not much time. My check goes in the mail tomorrow.

Thank you and blessings to you, Barbara Duke


Monday, March 12, 2012

Think Pink

Think Pink. There are so many people/businesses who base everything on pink. They started a support group at church for women with breast cancer, what about people who have other forms of cancer. I just found out that a dear friend has cervical cancer. Since she is in her 80s, I don't imagine there is a lot of treatment that she will want to do. Sometimes doctors won't do so much when someone is sick and that age. It if almost like being written off as too old to think about. There is something in this country that we really need to start thinking about. We Baby-Boomers are beginning to retire and soon there may be a lot more "old" people.

Those young people who are making fun of "the old guy" or the "old lady" might try sitting down with some and learning what life is about. I notice that the young people tend to think about themselves, but as you get older, you start noticing the pathos of the world and all the hunger, homelessness, and illness that can make life unbearable.

When you get older, you begin to see that money doesn't have the meaning that it did when you were younger. You begin to see money as a way to help other people and help to make life bearable for them. The point that you reach when you realize that you are wealthy in so many things. Wealthy in family, friends, associates, and even your kindness to strangers. Okay, I am off my Soapbox.

 I have been having so much fun. Judy and I posed at the quilting group in our Udderly Smooth hat and all the wonderful product that our friend at Udderly Smooth sent to us. I received one package last summer after #slumberparty and then they sent me another one right after Christmas last year. Well, we finally made our picture. I posted the picture somewhere but I cannot find it. I did however, send it to Udderly Smooth on Twitter. I just cannot find it on my computer.

I was invited to a Breast Cancer Support Group at the Cancer Center last Thursday. Evidently, they have one now. I am 3 years out now, and I am still so tired that I can barely make an evening function on my best days. I was surprised in my early days of dealing with breast cancer, even the Cancer Society didn't have any available partners to help through the process. I had to rely on the support that I got on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, I went to a neurological psychologist. He asked me lots of questions and I have to go back in in April to have 2- 2-hour sessions. I have been having some strange memory problems and tomorrow I am going to have a MRI of my head and spine to see what is going on there. Ray is taking me. I have to have Valium before I can go in the machine, so I won't be able to drive. I am going in positive that everything is alright. Say a little prayer for me if you can. All prayers appreciated.

Tomorrow, Ray is having a Birthday and a kinder man hasn't been born in this generation. We are as much in love as we were when we met and fell in love 20 years ago.
Love to all, Barbara


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everyday Pink

There has been a lot going on lately. I am sorry I haven't been writing, and I hope that I can remember everything.

At the #Slumberparty on Twitter last Friday, there was no sponsor and I didn't see a message from @DabneyPorte until late in the evening asking me to host. Anyway, I got my ducks in a row and with help of our friends, we got it together and had a grand time. Everyone had a wonderful party, drinking virtual cocktails, eating virtual food.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a pillow fight and someone had the gumption to bring a can of silly string. I think that Dabney's fiancee. Vic, brought popcorn. I am still finding kernels in the sofa. LOL! You must know that this party is all in our heads and on our screens. We send pictures of some of the most yummy food. I am excited. I go to bed feeling like I ate some of those brownies or the cheesecake, but the most wonderful thing of all is that it is all Virtual and, therefore, calorie free!

That weekend is when we all heard about the beautiful and talented Whitney Houston's passing. I am so sorry and my prayers are for her family in this time of mourning. It is so wonderful to know that Whitney was a saved Christian and her passing was a real home-going and she is with her Father in Heaven.

I meant to finish this last night. I have more to say, but it might take me a day or so. I am really in a mood to write. Yes!