Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I measured Monday morning and I lost a total of 3 inches in each upper thigh and 2 inches in my lower thighs just above my knee. That is so awesome. It is hard for me to believe and I am living through it. I feel so much better and more like myself. I was actually able to work in the garden on Saturday. I would have Sunday afternoon after church but it was just too hot.
The pain has lessened and I have been able to stop taking the pain medication. I am not in a fog and I am able to do more. I can drive again because I won't drive while I am on pain medication. I don't have to wait for Ray to take me somewhere anymore. Although, I am not a big fan of driving anyway. I much prefer for him to drive.
One thing I have been doing is painting and drawing again. It is so much fun. I can hold the brush or pen without pain. How amazing is that? Before I started working with @ZnaTrainer on the O2 Breakthrough, I could not hold the pencil without pain.
Not to mention, it was hard to type on my blog because of the pain. Hallalulah! If you are interested, go to

I went to my second meeting of WMU (Women's Missionary Union). It was at Mary Lynch's home. There were 10 ladies at the meeting and we had a very nice time. We talked about our missionaries and we prayed for them. Our project this month was to bring coloring books and crayons for our youth group at church to take to the Eastern Shore in August for the children there. I don't think I have ever seen that many color books and crayons in one  place in my life. Sounds like fun to me.
I was always one of those children that just couldn't stay in the lines and I mixed colors like crazy. I was artistic even then.

One of the things I am really good at is decorating. I actually worked at it for a while when I lived in Dallas. I loved drawing and creating window treatments. My mother had a design shop and a lot of my ideas were used. When I was a child, I drew dresses for my paper dolls that looked much nicer than the ones they came with. I also had some pretty fancy clothes for my Barbie Dolls.
I will write more tomorrow. Love to all. Barbara

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have been having a wonderful week. @ZnaTrainer and I have been exercising every morning. It has really made a difference in the way I feel. My brain seems to be coming back. That chemo brain is finally beginning to go away. I feel more focused. It must be the O2 (Oxygen) Breakthrough. What a wonderful program for making people feel energized. Actually, I measured and I lost an inch off my upper thigh and 2 inches off my lower thighs. That is a big deal to me. I have to buy pants two sizes too big to go over my thighs and then they are too big in the waist.
I was on Blogtalk Radio with Zna last Saturday and then again last night. I had such a good time talking with her about foods that we should be eating. She is so knowledgeable. I just love her and feel privileged to call her my friend. I wish there was some way that I could get across to others how wonderful this is. She is amazing and she is having a special that could end any day. Her time is very valuable and she is so booked, if people wait, they may not be able to get in on the special.
I appreciate the time she has given to me. I have learned a lot. The oxygen benefits are awesome. She tells me that cancer cannot grow in that much oxygen. I will do these exercises forever. This morning when I called her, I told her how the RA was causing me pain and we went directly into the exercises. The pain went away after the 1st minute. It sounds impossible, but let me assure you, it is not impossible. And there is no equipment. The only equipment that you use is your own body.
Zna has worked 30 years on this program and has thousands of customers. She knows her stuff. She knows all about nutrition, how your body reacts to food and how it needs to react to exercise. She has studied extensively the finding of Dr. Warburg on the benefits of oxygen to the body. Check out her page at
If you click on the title "SECOND WEEK PINK" you will be taken to Zna's Facebook page.
If you have read this far, I hope you contact Zna for more information on the special she has this week. It is really cool.
I don't normally "advertise" for people, but this has really made a difference in my life. If you are a regular follower of mine, you know the many things that I have gone through this past year and a half and now, I feel like I am getting myself back for the first time in over a year. I can never thank Zna enough for what she has done for me. Tweet this if you are inspired.
God is good, all the time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 5 PINK

I just finished my O2 Breakthrough training with @ZnaTrainer 
It was wonderful. I think I could do it by myself, but Zna telling me what to do energizes me so much. If I was doing it alone, I might quit. I never knew that you could exercise that many muscles at one time. I feel awesome. The rheumatoid arthritis was bothering me this morning, but I didn't even tell her, I just exercised through it. Guess what? The pain is gone. I have this enormous sense of well-being.
I am going to the Fresh Market today and Ray and I will be going to Trader Joe's later.
We will be circling the aisles of the stores looking for fresh foods. I drug out my big steamer out and we will be having steamed food, raw fruits, etc. I am really looking forward to it. I am not sure about Ray, but I will let him eat chicken and fish if he insists. He likes salmon so he can cook it in the grill. I am allergic to salmon anyway. We  do have some flounder and talapia in the freezer.  I also have some dried beans in the freezer that I prepared for cooking. We may try some of those today. My body is already starting to clean itself out. I won't go into embarrassing detail. LOL!
I am almost at 25,000 followers on Twitter. If anyone has a charity to tweet, let me know and I will be glad to help.
I will write more later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went to my appointment with Dr. Clark this morning. It has been 9 years since I had gastric bypass surgery. Everything was fine except my Vitamin D was down. He told me I should be taking 2,000 mg of Vitamin D each day and I have only been taking 500 mg. I guess I will be upping the anti from now on.
When I returned home, I called @ZnaTrainer for my daily exercise. What a workout. It was so energizing. Same thing I did on Wednesday but that was good. The more she takes me through it, the more able I will be to do it on my own. She said she might teach me something new tomorrow. I am excited. I lost another pound. This O2 Breakthrough could be what I have been needing all my life.
After exercising and a short rest, I scooted over to Anderson's ShowPlace. It is a beautiful plant nursery. It has a cafe and I met the Joy Sunday Bible Study Class there for lunch. I had some of their wonderful Tomato Basil soup and half a chicken salad sandwich. It was so good. I have been ordering the same thing for years. I guess they have other food that is good or better, but I always ordered the same thing. I took Kitty, Dot, and Pearl back to the Chesapeake Retirement Center.
After that, I went to the second floor and visited Mr. Williams. They have moved him to assisted living. He is somewhat confused but I think after he realizes that it will be better for him, he will be alright. While there was there, they had an ice cream or milk shake party in the activity room. I went with him and helped Cindy the activities director make the shakes.
It was fun, but I got so tired all of a sudden that I had to leave. I came home and laid down and went to sleep until 6 p.m. when Ray woke me up. He was going to Costco to pick up something and I got him to pick up a roasted chicken for dinner.
I never take naps during the day, but this time I totally shut down and really slept good. Must be the O2 Breakthrough.

I promised pictures of my son's wedding to Sharon today. Here they are! She is such a lovely person, I feel privileged to have her as my new daughter-in-law. She is a hair stylist in New Bern and Jeff is a Barber. Sharon has a son named Dylan. I guess this means I have a new grandson! Dylan is the boy on the left and on the right is Garrett, my daughter Rhonda's son.

I also had to include a picture of Garrett with his twin sister, Taylor. As you can see, they are not identical twins. LOL!
We went down last weekend and they stayed with me for a while. Then we got together at Rhonda's for an Italian dinner. I brought homemade ravoli and Rhonda made lasagna. We also had salad and dessert. Quite a nice dinner. Rhonda's husband, Jesse was working on the pool, trying to get it going so the kids could start swimming this week since school is out. They will be 8 years old in July. They are growing so fast.

Rhonda and Jeff bought me a Nintendo DSI for Mother's Day last year and the children love to take pictures with it. Here is one of their pics of Ray.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I spoke with Zna at our appointed time. I did the exercises with her instruction. Afterward, I took a power nap and now I am so energized.
We spoke a lot about what kinds of foods to eat this morning and I realized how wrong I have been for so many years when I thought of a good eating plan. Zna outlined good foods and how some foods should only be eaten with other foods. It is a real eye-opener.
I am sure that you have heard this one and I do not think Zna would mind my telling you. You should not eat supermarket chicken, only free-range. Supermarket chicken has so many hormones and pesticides in it, no wonder we are all having autoimmune issues and are getting so fat. It makes perfect sense to me.
Now that I am feeling so great, I am going to call my ladies at the Chesapeake and let them know that I am here to take them to church tonight for dinner and bible study. I spoke with Mr. Williams and I don't think he is doing very well. They may have put him in assisted living. I am going by to see him tomorrow after I see Dr Clark.
Time for my yearly check-up with my favorite doc, Dr. Clark. He performed my gastric bypass in 2001 and I truly don't think I would be here if he hadn't. I was so overweight and miserable and had so many health problems. I felt like I was on the fast track to forever. He saved my life. The only thing is now, I am sure that I would not do it again. I thought I had tried everything, but I think becoming a vegetarian is a definate plan for me. I do like veggies, fruits,  and I think it will make me feel a lot better and live longer (and look better).

 By the way, we had a great time at my mother's birthday in Kentucky. We stayed at my brother's home. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs so there was plenty of room for everyone. The deck and pool in the back were really nice too.We all had a grand time. Sonny had purchased and "Egg" grill and cooked pork for us (barbecued). It was wonderful.
I got to see my stepsister, Linda, whom I haven't seen since my stepfather died at least 10 years ago. I saw my younger sister Cindy who I had not seen in at least 4 years and my sister Jan who I had not seen in 2 years. It has been that long since I was able to travel to Kentucky. Mother turned 80 years old this year. She is an amazing woman.
We talked, cooked, ate, watched movies in the movie room downstairs in the basement. I think Sonny just built the perfect resort. We had so much fun. I got to see great-nephews that I had not been able to meet yet. Karch and Owen are over a year old and I still hadn't met them. They are adorable. I saw much more of Karch because his mother, Heather was staying in the house with us and Owen was with his mom and dad, and brother, Wyatt at their home and only visited us.
Jamie, Wyatt and Owen's Mom brought them over and they played in the pool. Of course, Sonny had rolled the pool cover back. They had a grand time playing with Karch.
On Friday night, we started watching Avatar in the basement movie room and mother decided to go to her house. Cindy went with her and when we were over the movie, we drove over there to spend a couple of nights with her.  It was nice to be able to visit with Cindy. She has always been a little standoffish when we are all together. She likes her privacy. She has turned into a beautiful woman and I love her dearly.
The picture at the bar is at Jeremy's (right) there there is Cindy, me, and mother at the end. It was a fun day when we all went to Jeremy's and then went to Cheddar's for lunch. Jeremy had a decorator help him with the design of his condo, but I think he could have done the job on his own. His previous house was decorated very well.  He has some nice local artwork.
  We had a nice time at mother's and got to bed early. Sunday morning came too soon. Sonny and Pat came over and brought Scones from Panera Bread. They were wonderful. Ray keeps saying that he does not like Panera Bread, but he only had one sandwich there and he chose the bread himself. They have so many kinds with so many different ingredients, I just don't see how he can be so arbitrary sometimes. Anyway, mother made sure that I had some plants in the car to take home.
We drove all day Sunday. It was a very nice ride. Since Monday was Memorial Day, Sunday was a piece of cake. Everyone who was going somewhere, was already there and those going home were waiting for Monday. It was a good travel day. I was able to read, nap, get out the trusty laptop and even tweet that day. Ray always drives, so I get to do stuff. I am much better off when I am doing something. Ray insisted on taking the pictures so there aren't many of him.
When we got home, my Golden Rain Trees in the front were blooming. They sure are pretty. The picture came out well, but not as pretty as they actually are.
I received a tweet from @Kmac4him this morning. Her son was injured in Afghanistan and is home on medical leave.  She sent me a link to his story of coming home and seeing his son for the first time. How wonderful. We have been praying for him every day. I was so happy, I watched with tears in my eyes. Watch if the link works.
Thank you for reading my blog today, I will include pictures of my son's wedding tomorrow. I love you all, Barbara

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Second Day of the Rest of my Life PINK

I haven't talked to @ZnaTrainer yet this morning, but it will be soon. I am excited about this new adventure. I know I am going to feel better. I already tried some of the O2 exercise and it felt great. I am more focused this morning. Less than an hour before she calls. I can't wait to see what she has for me today.

I just had my one-on-one time with Zna. I am amazed at the energy I feel. The O2 Breakthough Program is an awesome workout and I just cannot believe how simple it really is.  I know I can do this. Zna is a wonderful woman with so many stories of people who have been helped. I am so glad that Twitter brought us together. I weighed at the beginning of the program and then at the end of the program. I lost 2 lbs. Zna says I am doing extremely well for a person who is only on the first day. I finally hit the wall and had to stop. I was exhausted but almost immediately, I felt energized.

I hope others will try her program while she has the time to do the one-on-one with them. She is quickly filling up her times with new clients. I will keep you updated daily how I am doing. Check out!

I will also blog on #SweetTweets Life Plan about what I am doing. I also hope  you click in if you have problems other than weight. I am very well educated in helping others and I would love to be of service to others. No Charge, only hope.

God is Good, All the time, Barbara

Monday, June 14, 2010


I just spent over and hour on the phone with @ZnaTrainer .  I am going to "Experience the Miracle of Zna Trainer’s “Hurricane of Oxygen” For Optimal Health, Vitality, and Longevity!
 Since I am still on the cancer drugs and now am experiencing the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have agreed to join her team and get healthy. I am going to tweet frequently about my progress so that everyone can see how I am doing. I am very excited and I want you to be too. If this program can take away the RA pain, I will be able to do so many more things to help others.
 Zna is one of the  first people I met on Twitter over a year ago. She has always been so supportive and I even created a document on my computer called "ZnaTrainer" where I save all my Twitter things that I am working on, Like #militarymon #followfriday, etc. I also have a collection of quotes that I have alphabetized on it. I also have a document called "QueenMisha" where I put things before I catalog them. Unfortunately, QueenMisha, Misha Thomas succumbed to cancer a couple of months ago, but I continue to use her document and check her Facebook page that her daughter is keeping up. 
Both of these ladies have played an important positive role in my life while I was fighting breast cancer. Now Zna wants to help me with her program to improve my health and get me off the medications that I am on, which as of today is eleven drugs.
I will be starting her program tomorrow morning, so check back frequently to see how I am doing. I know when I was in a lot of pain last winter, she called me and gave me one exercise that helped me so much to relieve the pain I was going through. I really believe that this is going to change my life. 

I feel that the Lord has brought us together for the good of others. Join me in prayer for Zna that she may help many people to live better lives. 
God is good, All the time. Barbara